Peer-to-Peer Mortgage Lending

is really just people helping people obtain loans with well-secured real estate as collateral.  The value of the real estate either owned or being purchased acts as protection for the lender against default.  


Pacific Capital Solutions, LLC, Founder and Managing Member Bob Cox, sits on the Board of Advisors to the American Association of Private Lenders and says, “One of our goals is to replace terminology such as ‘Hard Money’ or ‘Private Money’ with Peer-to-Peer Lending.”  It is a move that we at Pacific Capital Solutions, LLC, fully embrace.  
Our staff has been providing Peer-to-Peer Lending to nearly 1,500 individuals and businesses for over twenty-two years.  During that time we have helped lenders invest close to $175,000,000. While it is not designed for everyone, Peer-to-Peer Mortgage Lending may be appropriate for borrowers needing private loans, and investors seeking above-average returns.





Pacific Capital Solutions, LLC, is a private mortgage broker providing loan services and investment opportunities.  For borrowers who have equity in real estate but who, for some reason, cannot qualify for conventional bank financing, PCS is here to help.  We bring borrowers together with private lenders to make deals happen! 



Trust Deed Investments are unique and potentially rewarding investment options offering high current yield and significant safety of principal.  Below is an introduction to Trust Deed Investments and an overview of the steps we take to minimize investor risk.  Making sure that this type of investment is suitable for an investor is the most important part of our job.